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Your mouth is a major league player in the overall anatomy of your body’s health. This is why it is vitally important to know the parts and players, every one of which works as a team to help you eat, drink, talk, smile, and have a beautiful appearance. Below is our brief overview of the teeth that make up the typical mouth.

Incisor teeth are the front cutting teeth. Shaped like a chisel, these four upper and four lower teeth are sharp edged and made for slicing and chopping up food into properly-sized pieces. Think of a lumberjack with an ax.

Canine teeth are the pointy, tearing teeth on either side of your incisors. They are also referred to as cuspids, which means “pointed end.” People with pronounced canines are frequently mistaken for vampires, and at risk of being staked through the heart.

Premolar teeth, behind the canines, are commonly called bicuspids. This means that they have two areas on their biting surfaces that are pointed (on the cusps) but unlike the single pointed canines, they are used for crushing as well as tearing food.

Molar teeth are the workhorses of the mouth and the flattest of the teeth. They take the most pressure on them as they chew and grind down food. These are the powerful teeth that start after the premolars and end the furthest back. They have four small cuspids but they are far less pointy and are there to grind rather than tear.

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