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Fluoride Treatments in Sun City

As you grow older, your tooth enamel can begin to wear away, offering less protection for your teeth. One way to counteract this natural aging process is to get fluoride treatments, which can help keep your teeth safe from tooth decay by strengthening that enamel.

Many children receive fluoride treatments, but they’re not just for kids. They can help adults, too, as they deal with problems such as a slowdown in saliva flow caused by other medical issues, exposed roots due to years of bruxism or another cause of gum recession, or a lifetime of subpar oral hygiene habits.

Think of fluoride like calcium. Just as calcium helps build bones, fluoride builds your teeth so they become stronger. It’s never too late to get more calcium into your diet, and it’s never too late to add fluoride, either. We’d like to be your source for Sun City fluoride treatment close to your home.

Why Do People Need Fluoride Treatments?

Older adults may need fluoride treatment because they don’t get enough of the chemical through traditional sources, such as drinking water. At a national level, most municipalities have added fluoride to drinking water, but in Arizona, only 57 percent of residents have access to such water. If you drink water from one of the communities that does not fluoridate or you use well water, then you’re missing out on a vital way to protect your teeth.

Other reasons for getting fluoride treatment from your dentist as an adult may include:

  • – Damaged teeth
  • – Crowns that have not been set tight to the gum
  • – Lots of enamel erosion
  • – High carb and sugar intake, which weakens your enamel

How do you know if you need fluoride? You may see small indicators that fluoride would help your teeth, such as small fissures in the teeth or increased tooth sensitivity. A rise in recent tooth decay or cavities can also be a sign.

Advantages of Getting Fluoride Treatment as an Adult

In addition to strengthening your teeth, getting fluoride treatments can also boost your oral health in other ways. It can help deter tooth decay, meaning a lower risk of cavities. It may also discourage root decay, which can be a more serious problem that leads to needing a root canal.

Fluoride can lessen the production of acid, too, which can hurt teeth. It also increases the process of remineralization, which is essentially the tooth protecting itself.

Options for Getting Your Fluoride Treatments


Our dental staff will work with you to determine the best way to give your fluoride treatment. A gel, foam or varnish are all common options, and any of them can help you keep that big, bright smile healthy.

To set up a fluoride treatment in our Sun City office, contact us today by filling out the form on our website or calling 623-633-7356.

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