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Emergency Dentist in Sun City

Life doesn’t always go as planned. One moment you’re out enjoying a fun evening at a restaurant in Sun City before heading to a show at the Ghostlight Theatre. The next, you’re pulling out half a tooth you cracked on your appetizer. It’s after 5 p.m. and you need immediate assistance. What to do now?

Donoho Dental can help – We offer emergency dental services in Sun City. If it’s after regular business hours, just leave a message through our answering service and one of our staff will be in touch to get your appointment scheduled swiftly! We understand that emergencies don’t always contain themselves to regular work times.

Many of our patients ask us what to do in the immediate aftermath of a dental emergency. Here are a few common scenarios and what you can do as you wait to see the dentist. The first step in any dental emergency is to call our office, then take the actions outlined here.

What to Do if You Break or Chip a Tooth

Whether you hit your tooth on an opening door or it was partially knocked out by a fly ball at your grandson’s baseball game, the first thing you should do is to remove any bits of tooth from your mouth. Wash them with care, and set them in a baggie or towel.

Next, wash out your mouth to get any remaining pieces of tooth out and remove any blood. If it is bleeding, apply gauze to the site of the lost tooth for about 10 minutes. You may notice your jaw starting to swell. You can apply a cold washcloth to the spot to keep the swelling down.

Take an over-the-counter pain reliever if the discomfort is bad. If your appointment is not for several hours, you may want to try dental cement, which is sold at most pharmacies, to seal off the area of the chip or break.

What to Do if You Lose a Crown

Crowns seem to come off at the most inopportune moments. Remove it from your mouth and wash it off, and then use dental cement to put it back into place. Do not use any other type of bond with the crown.

If you have lost or swallowed the crown, seal off the open area with dental cement until your appointment. If you feel throbbing in the area where the crown came off, rub a bit of clove oil on it.

What to Do if Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Occasionally, you may lose an entire tooth if someone accidentally opens a door in your face or your mouth sustains some other blunt-force trauma. The first thing to remember is not to touch the root of the tooth when you pick it up. Grasp it by the top and put it under warm water. Then attempt to reinsert the tooth in your mouth. If that fails, just keep the tooth in your mouth, making a pocket for it in your cheek.

Some patients find that uncomfortable. The alternative is to keep the tooth in milk or warm water, with the aim of keeping it from getting too dry.

Get Emergency Dental Services From Donoho Dental

When you need a dentist fast, contact Donoho Dental. You can call our office at any time at 623-633-7356.


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