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Patient Comfort and Satisfaction Are Top Priority at Your Sun City Dentist in AZ

At Donoho Dental Associates, our mission is to provide quality dental and preventive care as well as patient education that improves lifetime health, appearance and wellness of our patients. We aim to exceed our patient’s expectations by providing superior care and service in a comfortable, pleasant environment. Members of the Donoho Dental Associates team are selected for their training, dental experience, skills and ability treat all our patients like family.

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Dental Services in Sun City

Some of the dental services we provide in Sun City include:

Dental crowns and bridges

Recommended as restorative treatments designed to replace lost teeth or improve the appearance and integrity of damaged teeth, dental crowns and bridges are just one of many cosmetic procedures provided by your Sun City dentist. Using cutting-edge dental crown technology to restore integrity and health to cracked, chipped or decayed teeth, Dr. Donoho helps patients regain their beautiful smiles while improving overall oral health.

Full and partial dentures

Donoho Dental Associates provides full or partial dentures for replacing missing teeth. Full dentures replace all teeth while partial dentures replace either the upper teeth or lower teeth. Depending on whether extractions are needed, patients opting for full dentures may be to be fitted for a complete set of dentures during the first office visit.

The dentures we provide at your Sun City dentist in AZ are made of resin and compound materials that look and feel like real teeth and gums. Dentures can even be shaded to match your original gum and dental enamel shade.                                                                                                                           

Dental bonding/inlays and overlays

Bonding is another cosmetic dentistry procedure that is affordable, quick and effective for concealing different kinds of teeth damage. From stains and chips to unattractive gaps between teeth, the bonding the dentist in Sun City provides involves placement of a pliable, enamel-colored resin compound on teeth that is molded and shaped to conceal tooth defects.

Once the bonding is in place, Dr. Donoho polishes the bonding resin until its texture and reflective properties match those of your existing teeth. In addition, bonding is often a way to narrow small gaps between teeth because bonding material is strong enough to fill those gaps in without losing its durability and supportive properties over time.


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Our attentive, caring “beside manner” makes dental care in Sun City as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We understand why it can be intimidating to visit a dentist, and we make every attempt to calm any fears you may have about undergoing restorative dental procedures. We take the time to answer your questions about our treatments and invite you to stop in and meet our team.

Please don’t hesitate to call our office today at (623) 633-7356 or complete our online contact form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Donoho.


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