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Scaling and Root Planing in Sun City

Gingivitis is a gum infection commonly diagnosed by your periodontal disease dentist in Sun City. Classic signs of gingivitis include reddened, swollen gums that bleed while brushing or eating hard foods and pockets of infection at the gum line. Although people with early stage gingivitis do not experience discomfort, this gum disease will eventually cause painfully swelled gums that seep blood.

Unless gingivitis is reversed, a more serious condition called periodontitis can develop that not only erodes dental enamel and gums but can also reach into the jawbone and compromise bone density. This can cause loosening and actual loss of teeth in addition to development of pockets of infection and abscesses.

Treatment methods for periodontitis involve a gum disease dentist in Sun City performing scaling and rooting, deep cleaning with fluoride and possible root canal procedures to prevent extraction of deeply infected teeth. Because gingivitis can exist without presenting noticeable symptoms, the importance of receiving regular dental check-ups becomes even more imperative to preserving your long-term oral health.

Sun City root scaling and planing services has the dentist using a special dental instrument to clean thoroughly between your teeth and gums. This cleaning procedure includes deep cleaning of teeth roots as well. Dental anesthetic applied to gums helps minimize the discomfort of a scaling and root planing procedure. To prevent infection and accelerate healing of gums, your dentist may place tiny antibiotic fibers between your teeth and gums. Fibers are removed about seven days after your one periodontitis treatment.


Arestin Treatment for Periodontitis

A dental antibiotic in powder form, Arestin is used in conjunction with a root planing and scaling to help eliminate pockets of infection at the gum line and fight periodontal infection for three weeks after its application. Arestin is composed of tiny beads called microspheres that contain a potent antibiotic called minocycline. Your dentist places Arestin directly into infection pockets to eradicate infection and restore oral health.

If your periodontal disease dentist in Sun City finds several teeth are severely infected but salvageable after your scaling and root planing, he may recommend root canal therapy. Using advanced endodontic equipment, your dentist will remove the tooth’s infected pulp and restore tooth health to avoid extracting the tooth. Symptoms of a possible infected tooth include persistent, severe toothache, darkening of the tooth and swelling of gums around the tooth.

If you suffer from signs of periodontitis, don’t let your oral health continue deteriorating. We want to help you keep your real teeth and give you the whitest, brightest smile you can have. Please call Donoho Dental Associates today at 623-633-7356 or schedule an appointment online for an examination of your teeth and gums.


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