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Periodontal Treatment in Sun City



Unless treated professionally, a serious gum disease called periodontitis may cause extensive tooth decay, deterioration of gums and jawbone loss. Reversing periodontitis requires root scaling and planning (RSP) in Sun City, a nonsurgical periodontal treatment that removes hardened layers of plaque on teeth and pockets of infection at the gum line.

Dr. Donoho eliminates periodontitis with root planing and scaling by deep cleaning the gums and teeth using a handheld ultrasonic device and dental irrigation techniques. Following a scaling and root planing treatment, Dr. Donoho may prescribe antibiotic medications to decrease oral bacteria and help minimize your risk of suffering another bout of periodontitis.


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Do You Have Periodontitis?

In addition to deep red, swollen gums that feel sore when you touch them, signs you may have periodontitis include:

  • Bad breath you can’t get rid of with mouthwash or brushing
  • Bleeding gums, especially after brushing
  • Pain when chewing food
  • Tooth sensitivity (typically caused by sugary or cold foods)
  • Loose teeth
  • Receding gums

The most common cause of periodontitis is not brushing and flossing regularly and failing to receive a cleaning and check-up every six months. Smoking, diabetes and taking medications that cause dry mouth also contribute to the development of periodontitis.


Treatment for Periodontal Disease – Gum Disease Scaling in Sun City

For gum disease scaling in Sun City, Dr. Donoho uses a special dental instrument to clean deeply between teeth and gums — all the way down to the teeth roots. A local anesthetic is applied to your gums to minimize discomfort. In addition, your dentist may insert antibiotic fibers between your gums and teeth to prevent infection and promote the healing process. These fibers are removed one week after your scaling treatment.


Arestin Periodontal Treatment in Sun City

When combined with root planing and scaling, Arestin eliminates infection pockets and fights periodontal infection for 21 days following a scaling and root planing procedure. Arestin is a powder antibiotic containing “microspheres” (tiny beads filled with a powerful antibiotic called minocycline), and it is put into pockets of periodontal infection directly after your SRP treatment. Microspheres then release minocycline over time to continue killing bacteria for several weeks.

Untreated periodontitis could have a negative effect on your overall health. Clinical research investigating the impact of progressive gum disease on a person’s health found that oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream and potentially cause endocarditis (heart inflammation), worsen diabetes and increase the risk for pregnant women to suffer preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. In addition, gum disease may also infiltrate your jawbone and compromise the support teeth need for proper functioning.

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