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Dental Implant Restoration Services in Sun City


drdworkingDental implants are a long-lasting solution for tooth replacement that will bolster your confidence and dramatically improve your appearance. Thanks to some remarkable advancements in technology, implants are easier and more affordable to get than ever before. Although most implants can withstand daily wear and tear, cracks and breaks within the implant are a possibility. With the dental implant restoration services at Donoho Dental in Sun City, your broken implant will be fixed in no time.


The Dental Implant Restoration Experts In Sun City

Dental implants are a strong and durable solution to restoring your smile. Although they pose some great benefits, if a dental implant was not placed in proper alignment you can find yourself with a cracked or broken implant. A broken implant can cause a variety of negative side effects, such as jaw pain and headaches. By restoring your dental implants, you can eliminate these issues and have a properly functioning smile.

When you come into Donoho Dental Associates, you can rest easy knowing our dentist has extensive training in the causes of gum disease, which is one of the top reasons implants are needed. Dr. Donoho is an expert in the restoration of implant abutments once an implant has been placed — basically, everything residing above the gum tissue. This includes bridges, dentures and crowns supported by the implant.

While this may seem like a major procedure, often times the restoration of your dental implant can be completed within one to two visits to our Sun City office. With our expert services and family-like atmosphere, your dental experience will be as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


Maintaining Your Dental Implants

In order to keep your dental implants in great condition, regular cleanings are an important part of daily maintenance. Just like teeth, dental implants can accrue a buildup of harmful tartar and plaque that affects the longevity of the implant and the health of your mouth. Aside from regular brushing, professional cleanings are necessary to reduce the chances that harmful bacteria could eventually loosen your implants.

Talk to a dental implant dentist in Sun City with Donoho Dental Associates today to learn more about this or any of the other services we offer. Contact us online or call (623) 633-7356.


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