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Dental Crowns in Sun City, AZ


drworkingDental crowns restore function and appearance to teeth suffering decay, chips, cracks or splits. Crowns are tooth “caps” created from small blocks of porcelain that improve the appearance and integrity of damaged teeth. People receiving a root canal procedure usually have dental caps in Sun City placed over a treated tooth to further protect the tooth.

Encasing a tooth weakened by root canal treatment or disease with a dental crown may also help avoid extraction of the tooth or the need for bridges or dentures. Although dental crowns may not be an alternative to full or partial dentures, they are capable of saving teeth that would otherwise need removal.

Dr. Donoho may recommend dental crowns as a way to improve the appearance and health of unattractive or discolored teeth. Made of porcelain, gold or porcelain material fused to a metallic substance, crowns feel and look completely natural because they resemble dental enamel in both texture and appearance.


Placement of Dental Crowns

Dr. Donoho begins the crown restoration process by filing and reshaping dental enamel so the crown fits snugly over your tooth. Anesthetic is provided to help you remain as comfortable as possible during the reshaping procedure. Dr. Donoho then takes a mold of the tooth, or teeth, being fitted for crowns in addition to your surrounding teeth. These dental molds are needed to create customized dental crowns in Sun City.

Taking pictures of your teeth helps Dr. Donoho determine your crown’s enamel shade. An enamel shade guide provides a wide range of colors that further helps to ensure your natural enamel shade is matched. At the end of your filing and reshaping visit, Dr. Donoho fits you with a temporary crown to protect the filed tooth until a permanent crown is attached.

During the final visit, Dr. Donoho replaces the temporary crown with the new, customized crown. Dental cement is used to affix the crown and adjustments are made before the cement hardens. Dr. Donoho will also make sure your bite dimensions are normal and that the crown’s margins are smooth and flat against the tooth. Unless you experience any problems with a new dental crown, you won’t need to visit Dr. Donoho again until your next regular checkup is scheduled.


How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

With good oral hygiene care, dental crowns can last 10 years or longer. In addition, the resin compound composing crowns are resistant to staining or discoloration. Dr. Donoho also recommends durable crowns for teeth worn down by simple wear and tear. Shorter-than-average teeth tend to make a person’s smile appear “gummy” even when nothing is wrong with the gums. Lengthening worn-down teeth with dental crowns will improve smile aesthetics and protect teeth from further damage caused by aging.

You may be a good candidate for receiving porcelain dental crowns in Sun City. Call our office today at (623) 633-7356 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with Dr. Donoho.


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