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Dental Bridges in Sun City


Missing teeth significantly affect your quality of life by interfering with chewing your food correctly and comfortably. In addition, missing front and side teeth may prevent you from interacting with others because you feel embarrassed about your missing teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Donoho is an experienced bridge dentist in Sun City providing dental bridges to replace missing molars, front teeth or bicuspids.

Dr. Donoho improves smiles and oral function while preserving the integrity of existing teeth and gums with dental bridges in Sun City. When you leave gaps between teeth unfilled, your existing teeth tend to “drift” from their proper positions in your mouth, resulting in crooked, crowded or sideways teeth. Additionally, you may find your ability to speak impaired if missing teeth are located near or at the front of the mouth.


What Are Fixed Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges in Sun City involve Dr. Donoho providing you with a permanent fixture comprising natural-looking, synthetic teeth held in place by your adjoining teeth. Most people are good candidates for the conventional, fixed dental bridge that requires only slight shape modifications of teeth existing on either side of the empty socket.

However, the teeth used to support the bridge need to be healthy and firmly implanted in healthy gums. Dr. Donoho will perform a thorough dental examination before he recommends a fixed dental bridge or other kind of dental procedure.

If you have missing molars, you may benefit from a cantilever bridge that needs only one tooth for the bridge placement. Alternately, missing front teeth may be replaced with “Maryland” or resin-bonded bridges that require minor modification of existing teeth. Because Maryland bridges rely on resin material to hold the bridge in place, they are more applicable to front teeth replacement, since front teeth do not receive much chewing stress. You can also choose from a variety of bridge materials, such as porcelain or a combination of porcelain-ceramic or gold.

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Caring for Dental Bridge Work

After you receive dental bridges in Sun City, AZ, you will need to care for the bridge the same way you care for your real teeth. For example, you should brush and floss twice a day to prevent plaque build-up, clean under the bridge using dental picks or flossers and visit Dr. Donoho every six months for your regular cleaning and exam. And don’t forget to watch what you eat — less sugary foods and more fresh foods in your diet keeps your mouth and your body healthier and disease-free.

If you would like to learn more about dental fixed bridges in Sun City, please call Donoho Dental Associates today at (623) 633-7356 or complete our contact form.


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