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Partial Dentures in Sun City

Even losing a few teeth generates a cascade of changes within your mouth that negatively impact remaining, teeth, gum integrity, the shape of your face and sometimes your general health. Neglecting to replace missing teeth with partial dentures could also cause a person to suffer malnutrition due to not being able to chew food properly or have the desire to eat enough. Missing teeth may further interfere with speaking legibly and initiate deterioration of the jawbone.


Who Should Get Partial Dentures?

Anyone who has lost more than four or five teeth in one area of their mouth may be a good candidate for removable partial dentures. For example, if you have lost your back molars but still have your front teeth, your dentist can create partial dentures containing only molars that fit over your existing front teeth.

Alternately, if you have many loose or decaying teeth, you might benefit from having all teeth extracted and obtaining full dentures. Senior citizens suffering loosened teeth due to extreme gum shrinkage should also consider extraction and denture placement.

To help our patients regain oral functionality and a beautiful smile, Donoho Dental Associates offers customized partial dentures in Sun City made from natural-looking, acrylic resins. With the assistance of digital imaging software that shows patients how they would look after receiving their dentures, we can fit patients with a new set of partial dentures following a complete examination and impressions made of the upper and lower jaw. In addition, we also discuss enamel shading and configuration of denture teeth with our patients.

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

An oral impression is needed to assist a machine called a dental articulator. This machine simulates how a patient’s mouth will function according to the dimensions of the impressions. Dental articulators also replicate the interaction between the patient’s lower and upper jaws, determine spatial characteristics involved in this interaction and facilitate the creation of partial dentures that are as individualized and realistic as possible.

Removable partials for Sun City residents mimic the appearance, color and texture of real gums and teeth. Advanced denture technology also allows denture teeth to be constructed with porcelain compounds that reflect light similar to how natural dental enamel reflects light. In addition, specialized denture materials now offer some degree of flexibility to the gum portion of dentures to give wearers a more comfortable and realistic experience.

Caring for Removable Partial Dentures

Your Sun City partial dentures will last many years with proper care. Cleaning partial dentures involves brushing them with toothpaste or a good denture cleaner and rinsing them with fluoridated mouthwash to prevent bacterial buildup that can cause halitosis and staining. Additionally, we urge our patients who receive new partial dentures to visit us for a follow-up appointment to ensure that dentures fit properly and are functioning accordingly.

If you would like to learn more about partial dentures, please call Donoho Dental Associates today at 623-633-7356 or contact us online to get started.


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