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Full Dentures In Sun City

When many teeth are missing or teeth need extracted due to severe periodontitis, opting for full dentures in Sun City is strongly recommended for maintaining your oral health, optimizing chewing and speaking abilities and for giving you an attractive, healthy, natural-looking smile.

If extractions are necessary prior to receiving full dentures, your dentist may have you wait for several weeks before taking a denture impression. This is to give gum tissue time to heal and shrink so the impression used to fabricate dentures conforms to the present shape of the patient’s mouth.

The superior quality of acrylic resins used in creating dentures makes them resistant to daily wear and tear as well as accidental damage.

Getting Used to Full Dentures

Even excellent-fitting, customized dentures will feel strange and awkward in your mouth at first. Some people may not have much difficulty speaking normally upon receiving their Sun City full dentures, while others may take a few days or weeks to adjust to their new teeth. To get used to chewing with a set of full dentures, “break in” your new dentures by eating easily chewable, soft foods until you feel more comfortable eating with dentures. Some other things you may notice temporarily when wearing full dentures is an increase in saliva flow, a slight difference in your facial contour and minor irritation as your gums become accustomed to your dentures.

Denture adhesives are helpful for first-time denture wearers by improving stability and retention of dentures. Adhesives may also increase a wearer’s confidence in their ability to wear dentures. Denture wearers with small ridges or minimized bone support benefit from wearing denture adhesives as well.

Caring for Full Dentures

Dentures should be removed at least once a day and brushed thoroughly with a denture brush and cleanser. Never drop your dentures in boiling water to sterilize them. Extreme heat could cause your dentures to lose their customized shape. When you are not wearing your full dentures, place them in clean, cool water or denture cleanser.

Denture Correction In Sun City

Donoho Dental provides full denture care in Sun City for people who are having problems with their dentures. Sometimes, a minor adjustment is all that is needed stop gum irritation or the feeling that the dentures just don’t fit right. We are always happy to work with denture wearers until they are satisfied with the way their dentures are functioning and fitting.

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10503 W. Thunderbird Blvd., Suite 384, Sun City, Arizona 85351

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