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Dental X-Rays in Sun City

Essential for providing important information about the true health of your teeth and gums, digital Sun City dental X-rays detect problems not readily apparent to dentists performing a standard examination. Underlying abnormalities such as bone loss, cysts, hidden tooth decay, suspicious lesions or tumors and infections developing within the pulp of the tooth often remained undetected by film X-ray technology. With advanced tooth X-rays in Sun City, dentists can view detailed images captured by state-of-the-art sensors and presented almost immediately on a computer screen.

When taking images of your mouth using digital radiography, your dentist scans the interior of your mouth with a handheld sensoring device plugged into a computer’s USB port. Most intraoral sensors that take digital X-rays are called CCDs, or charge-coupled devices composed of hundreds of millions of silicon cells sensitive to light wavelengths. Each one of these cells produces an element of the image — a “pixel” — that eventually creates a final image. These computer-enhanced pictures are larger and more detailed and allow your dentist to focus on problem areas that could not have been detected by film X-rays.

By seeing an understandable and easily viewable image of a cavity, abscess or impacted tooth on a computer monitor, patients better understand the importance of a specific dental procedure to their oral health. In addition, your dentist can point out features of your teeth and gums and explain exactly how a condition is affecting neighboring oral structures as well as what might happen if a recommended treatment plan is not followed.

What Are the Advantages of Modern Dental X-Rays?

In addition to significantly reducing the amount of radiation patients are exposed to, digital dental X-rays:

  • Can be enlarged and enhanced on a computer screen using special software. Traditional film X-rays are only viewable according to actual size
  • Can be printed out for patient use or sent over the internet to dental insurance companies to expedite form processing and payment
  • Can detect a wide variety of oral diseases in their earliest stages so treatment can begin as soon as possible
  • Can quickly determine whether wisdom teeth are impacted
  • Are environmentally friendly since they require no film or chemicals to view image


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Digital tooth X-rays are much more comfortable than film X-rays. You do not need to bite down on pieces of cardboard or worry about holding cardboard squares at the back of your mouth where your gag reflex may be sensitive.

When you receive a cleaning and exam at Donoho Dental, you may also receive Sun City tooth X-rays that will help your dentist diagnose oral conditions that may require further attention. To make an appointment for a cleaning and exam, please contact us online or call us today at 623-633-7356.


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